New Adjustable Dual Disk BGM06A with Radar Detector Cradlefree shipping


New Adjustable Dual Disk BGM06A with Cell Phone Cradle
free shipping


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New 2009-2013 Adjustable Dual Disk Ram Truck GPS/Cell Phone/Radar Detector/Camera Mount

Adjustable Dual Disk for the 2009-2013 Ram Trucks


Our new Adjustable Dual Disk Mount is also made to fit in the tray with the name​ DODGE in it.

  • This Adjustable Mount gives you more space between the Disk and allows more room you to attach a variety of different devices.
  • Simply install the base and slide the disk along the rail and tighten to desired position. 
  • Our Ram Truck Mounts are handmade with laser cut 16 gauge steel.
  • They are colored to match the tray of your Ram Truck.
  • The top of the disk has a high quality automotive urethane clear
  • Low profile at only 3/4 of a inch tall when installed.
Lifetime Warranty
US Patent No. 8,978,948

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